fredag 17. januar 2014

Life Hack: Silica Gel Packets

If you are like most people you throw these small little white packets that comes in the box with your new shoes. Don't!!! These annoying pacets are useful household helpers - just make sure you keep them out of the reach of children and pets. They are designed to absorb moisture, and have a number of great ways to be useful:

  • Save your electronic equitment from damage. Water can damage electronic equitment. Put them in a Ziploc bag with silica gel packets to dry out moisture.
  • Keep photos safe and free from moisture. Put your photos in a cabinet or box and add some silica gel packets to keep them dry.
  • Protect your important documents by adding a few pasckets of silica gel pacets in the desk, cabinet, box, envelope or where ever the documents are stored.
  • Are you storing tings in containers in your basement, attic or garage? Add silica gel packets to keep the items dry and safe from mold.
  • Do you have old books or shoes with a musty smell? Put them in a bag with several silica gel packs and the smell is gone. A great tips is to add a packet or two in your shoes when you put them away for the season. Then you are garanteed dry and odorless shoes.
  • Put hearing aids and some packets in a box or Ziploc bag when they get sweat in them or if they get wet.
  • Put a bag or two in a tupperware box where you keep your cheese and you'll get no more mold.
  • Put them in containers with seeds to keep the seeds dry and from getting mold on them.
  • Use them to dry flowers. Just pour out the granula in a container and add the flowers to dry. The color of the flower will not fade that mutch either.
  • Do you have a problem with moisture in the windows? Add a few packets to dry up the humidity.
  • Add a few packets in a Ziploc bag with your silver to prevent tarnish.
  • When the packets have absorbed moisture and quit working, you can regenerate them. You can either put them in the sun to dry, or you can put them in a 200 degree oven for two hours. Store them in an airtight Ziploc bag.

If you have any other ideas about how or where to use these packets, please leave a comment and lett us know?

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